Quooker in your office, café, restaurant, hotel or... 

Not just at home but also at work - the Quooker a must-have. Quooker; the tap that immediately dispensed filtred boiling water , chilled & sparkling water

Valuable waiting time is saved with Quooker, and several smart features make it the safest way to make hot and cold drinks. Time and cust saving, energy & water saving. The fastest, most efficient, safest way to get pure and great tasting drinking water.

The fastest: With Quooker you have boiling water instantly. With the PRO7 and COMBI tanks you can serve up to 42 cups of tea without waiting time. 

Most efficient: Quooker's unique and patented high vacuum insulation minimizes energy consumption. Standby power consumption is in many cases more than 50% lower than traditional kitchen boilers. Heating up more water than you need becomes a thing of the past.

Safest: The aerated water flow and other safety features ensure easy and safe operation of your Quooker.

Pure and great tasting: Both the chilled and the boiling water from the office Quooker is filtered and purified - making it healthy and simply better tasting!

Compact and hygienic: The Quooker system sits neatly under the sink, freeing countertops from kettles and boilers. 

Two type of mixer taps: The Quooker comes with Nordic tap and a drip tray, so it can be installed in a pantry without a sink and drain. If there is a sink and drain, the Fusion (4 in1) tap is the best option.  


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