18 October 2015

Europe’s market leader, Quooker, launches a limited edition gold-plated boiling water tap in the UAE

Quooker’s ‘The Golden One’ launched in the UAE to mark the company’s €50 million global sales milestone


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 18th of October 2015: Quooker UAE announced the launch of ‘The Golden One’ limited edition filtered boiling water tap in the UAE. The elegant filtered boiling water tap comes with a 24 carat gold finish and has all the benefits of its standard counterpart.

The ‘Golden One Limited Edition’, as its name suggests, is limited in number with only 1000 pieces sold worldwide. Just 150 of these superbly designed taps will be made available to UAE consumers.

Energy efficient, water saving, safe and above all time saving, Quooker’s ‘Golden One’ delivers filtered boiling water at a temperature of 100 ⁰C instantly with style. Quooker launched its standard boiling water taps in Abu Dhabi in June this year. Its unique concept of providing instant boiling water straight from the tap has already taken Europe by storm and Quooker expects to enjoy similar success in the UAE.

In 2014, Quooker's global annual turnover was AED168 million, with 2015 sales expected to increase to around AED 200 million (€50 million) in 2015. In fact, Quooker’s global sales performance in 2015 has been remarkable and the annual target was met by the third quarter of the year.  Quooker chose to celebrate this illustrious milestone by designing and engineering its best offering yet.

The Golden One is a 24 carat gold finished filtered boiling water tap that comes in a sleek square spout and decorative round spout. Each unit is engineered with much precision and the Netherlands-based company will also bring out a matching gold finished soap dispenser to go with the tap.

Commenting on the features of their exclusive product Mr. Jakob Johannsen, Managing Director, Quooker UAE,said:

“We are proud to bring the Golden One limited edition filtered boiling water tap to our customers in UAE. The gold finish represents celebration, luxury and glamour, which is a way of life for many in the Emirates. Not only does the Golden One add a deluxe factor to the kitchen but it also manages to package its ingenious technology in a very attractive design. All that glitters is gold, but with Quooker, we can confidently say that there is more to it than just the colour”

The company believes that their Emirati customers will love the golden edition of their flagship product based on UAE’s obsession for beautiful golden objects including 24-carat Egyptian gold facials and gold dusted cappuccinos.

Johannsen, continued

Based on Quooker’s commitment to bringing high quality safe-to-drink water to consumers around the world, we entered the UAE market this year with confidence that our product will satisfy our customers’ need for instant boiling water. With opportunities in this region looking bright, we are sure the UAE will play an increasingly significant part in our global sales growth story”.



About Quooker:

Quooker BV is based in Ridderkerk, the Netherlands. Every day over 175 employees contribute to the development, production and marketing of Quooker. We have branches in the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Quooker’s UAE branch (Quooker Emirates LLC) is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, supplying products to customers across the country.

Since the invention of the boiling-water-tap, Quooker has worked to constantly improve its products. This has resulted in the development of high-vacuum insulation, the COMBI, the COMBI+, the Nordic Twintaps and our all-in-one Fusion tap. Innovation, refinement, adaptability and optimization are at the core of our company.

Before the boiling water flows from Quooker’s mixer tap it is stored in a boiler tank underneath the kitchen sink, under pressure, at a temperature of 110°C, eradicating all bacteria and waterborne diseases. The HiTAC® (High Temperature Activated Carbon) water filter contained within the tank purifies the water and keeps it sterile, with the filter effectively removing impurities from tap water for several years.

For more information, visit www.quooker.ae


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