Filtered and purified cold water from Quooker Filtration System.

The best hi-flow water filter for domestic and commercial use, our Quooker Filtration Systems provide you with fresh drinking water straight from your tap. Our filters will fit neatly underneath your sink and is easy to install. Filter changes are normally required only once a year so it is a cost effective solution in providing pure, quality drinking water for your family. The freshly filtered water is great for cooking too!

Filter brand is Omnipure filters, manufactured in the US. For more information visit

The filter comes with a superior filtration process in 3-stage:

Sediment Filter - ELF XL/sed - dirt & sand reduction: Removes any remnants of foreign particles in the water including dust, dirt, soil particles and sand sediment.

KDF Patented Filter – ELF XL/kdf – Chlorine taste: Removes chlorine, kills bacteria, removes sediment extant and Trihalomethanes (THM’s) and also focuses on removing lead, copper, chloroform, chemical residuals, herbicides, pesticides and other volatile organic compounds.

Carbon Filter – ELF XL/aquabond - odor reduction: Reduces chlorine further and also removes odor and improves taste.

All filters are NSF (National Safety Foundation) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) approved. Water tested in accordance with DEWA, GCC and World Health Organization Standards.

Is filtered water really better than bottled Water?

Evidently, yes. We have conducted numerous tests over the last few years, testing tap water in the UAE, bottled water and filtered water. Time and time again, filtered water shows the least bacterial count. Furthermore, our tests of filtered water show a good ph. level, balance of minerals including calcium, magnesium and potassium and more importantly no metals and reduced chlorine levels.

How often do I need to change the filters?

Filters are only required to be changes once a year. Every 12 months we will contact you to let you know the filters require to be changed and we will arrange a mutually convenient appointment for one of our technicians to come and provide you with the replacement filters

What does the water taste like?

Taste is such a subjective matter. Some people notice a difference and some people do not notice a difference at all - to them water is water. The general feedback that we have is that the water does taste cleaner and less “chemically” which is the taste of water without the plastic. Best thing to do is to try it your self! 

Why is the Quooker Filtration System unit a green solution for the home?

Billions of plastic bottles are thrown away every year, which not only pollutes the land, but also as the plastic degrades, toxins will leach in to the water table. Installing an under-the sink filtration unit provides you with filtered drinking water without the associated environmental impact plastic bottles have


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