Quooker– the most efficient boiling-water boiler!

What sounds like pure luxury – boiling water always available – is also a very energy-efficient idea. The Quooker boiler is one of the most sustainable investments for the kitchen and has now been awarded Energy label A!

Energy label for kitchen boilers

From September 2015 onwards, a European regulation will apply to kitchen boilers. In the category for smaller electronic water heaters with a storage tank for kitchens, the Quooker COMBI and the Quooker COMBI+ are the highest-scoring kitchen boilers with a boiling water function and have been awarded Energy label A.

Energy label A for Quooker boilers

The Quooker COMBI tanks are stored in the kitchen cupboard and supply boiling water at a temperature of 100°C as well as hot water at temperatures of 50°C to 60°C. These are the first ‘boilers’ in the world with high-vacuum insulation and are therefore the most energy-efficient way of supplying hot water supply to your kitchen! 

The COMBI is only connected to the cold water pipe. By mixing the cold water with boiling water, you have an immediate 15-litre supply of hot water at 60°C. 

The COMBI+ is connected to the cold and hot water pipes. Like with the ‘ordinary’ COMBI, it means that you no longer have to wait for hot water and waste drinking water. As soon as the hot water pipe starts supplying hot water, the flow of boiling water stops and the ordinary hot water pipe again takes over the flow of hot water. In this way, the COMBI+ supplies unlimited hot water in addition to boiling water.

PRO-VAQ reservoirs only supply boiling water. The EU has not yet formulated an energy label directive for boiling water reservoirs. However, these reservoirs are just as energy-efficient.


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